Ece İldeniz

Ece İldeniz's academic journey began at Bismil Anatolian High School, where she studied from 2013 to 2016, followed by a year at Bismil Final High School in 2017. She continued her education in the field of dentistry at Istanbul Okan University, graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry in 2023.

English: Proficient (B2 Level)
Professional Memberships

Ece holds membership in the Turkish Dental Association, which underscores her commitment to staying connected with the dental community and abreast of the latest developments in her field.

Continued Professional Development

Ece's dedication to her professional growth is evident from her participation in numerous congresses, courses, and seminars, such as:

The Turkish Dental Association International 26th Dental Congress in Istanbul, where she delved into various topics including aesthetic dental practices, implantology, and the management of endodontic complications among others.
A seminar on the Latest Developments in Dental Composites by Kruger in Istanbul.
The İDEX Istanbul, a significant event in dental exhibition and exchange.
An upcoming Applied Basic Level Implantology and Implant Over Prosthesis Course set to take place in Istanbul, featuring notable professionals like Prof. Dr. Çağrı Delilbaşı and Prof. Dr. Barış Kara.

Outside her professional pursuits, Ece maintains an active lifestyle with a keen interest in fitness. This not only reflects her dedication to personal health and wellbeing but also her pursuit of excellence in all areas of life.

Dentist Ece İLDENİZ

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